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A fictim is a Fake or False Victim. Our tax funds are being wasted on serving these increasing liars, their false allegations and attack on innocence, not to mention the disservice they do genuine victims. Not good. Shame on fictims.

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Newport Lincoln County Oregon. Beta senior goes victimish to take down 20 years younger male with a concocted robbery report tha...

6 Mths ago 0 Slams

Oklahoma City Oklahoma County Oklahoma. Fantasist stages rape scene then calls for help and makes false gang-rape allegations ag...

6 Mths ago 2 Slams

Lyndora Butler County Pennsylvania. Woman with rare behavioral disorder embarks on a mission to harm her own little daughter whi...

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Houston Harris County Texas. Karenism attains new heights as armed Karen fatally shoots a homeless African-American woman then c...

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

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Winchester White River Township Randolph County Indiana. Racist Repulsive Difficult Uncooperative Untruthful. Choose your own wo...

6 Mths ago 0 Slams

SodaStream USA, inc

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